Horrified Children Find “Dead Baby” In A Plastic Bag At Abandoned Hospital

Children who allegedly broke into an abandoned hospital were horrified to find what appears to be a dead baby in a plastic bag.1whereOne shocked youngster told her parents they also found what looked like human remains in bags with labels on them. The children made the grim discovery after they sneaked into a disused building in the grounds of Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, it was claimed.

One girl told her father there were other babies abandoned on the site as well as numerous bags of bones with labels on them. They found a bag that appeared to contain an infant with its umbilical cord still attached and a large amount of dirty liquid sitting beneath it.

However, experts say the bag’s contents could be a doll which was once used for training purposes. Police said four youths have since been charged with alleged housebreaking and stealing at the former Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow.

A horrified dad of one of the kids told the Daily Record : “They know they shouldn’t have been in there, but the remains of a dead baby shouldn’t have been there either. It is horrific that was left there like that. There needs to be a proper investigation into what happened so things like this don’t happen ever again.”