Horror As Boxing Champion Shot SIX TIMES While Eating At Family Restaurant

A boxing world champion has been shot in a busy restaurant.blokeThe man was shot six times in front of families with young children. The incident took place in the city of Makhachkala in Russia’s south-western Republic of Dagestan.

Mixed martial arts fighter and Muay Thai World Champion, Shahbulat Shamhalaev, 32, was in the middle of dinner when the shots were fired. Footage from surveillance cameras shows the first assailant, a man in a black jacket with his hood up, enter armed with an assault rifle.

He walks past the first table and is followed by the second gunman – wearing blue – who is already sat in the restaurant. The man in blue can be seen getting his gun out and opening fire at a table which is hidden from the camera.

Both attackers then disappear out of view as they continue to shoot their victim, while horrified onlookers took cover or ran to help Shamhalaev. Both of the gunmen escaped after the attack and the boxer was rushed to hospital. Doctors worked to remove six bullets from his body and say he remains in a serious condition