Horror As Plane Crashes Into The Sea At Airshow In Kent

A plane has crashed into the sea at an airshow in Kent after the pilot lost control in mid air.1sea.The single-seater light aircraft landed in the water at around 3.30pm today just an hour after the Red arrows performed a stunning display.  People rushed onto the beach to help pull the aircraft out of the water concerned for the pilot’s safety.

One onlooker told Kent Online: “It just went into the water from a fairly low height and then flipped over. Then the rescue helicopter arrived.”

The coast guard and an air ambulance attended the scene as the show was put on hold. A section of the beach was cleared to allow a coastguard helicopter to land which remains cordoned off as they fish the plane out of the sea.

Another onlooker said: “It was flying quite low and I thought ‘he looks like he’s trying to land on the water’. Then the nose hit the surface of the sea and the plane flipped right over with the pilot upside down.”