Hospital gave new mum wrong baby and she didn’t notice until she got home

The new mum was told she had give birth to a girl – but discovered she had been given a boy to take home.

A new mum was shocked and appalled when she was given the ‘wrong baby’ to take home by the hospital – and only realised when she took off the child’s nappy.

The mistake only came to light when she summoned her other four children to watch their new sister called Masha have her first bath.

Oksana Kolesnikova had been told by the hospital that she had given birth to a girl , but was surprised when she took off the nappy and discovered her daughter was actually her son.

“I took off the Pampers and saw it was a boy,” said shocked Oksana, 36.

“I said: ‘Oh my God, have a look. This is not Masha, this is Misha’.

“I immediately checked the label. It said clearly I’d given birth to a girl, not a boy.”

When she gave birth, Oksana said the baby was fleetingly put on her chest by doctors and midwives at her hospital in Voronezh region of Russia – but she only saw the face.

Then the child was whisked away due to a “risk of infection”.

“I asked the nurse once if I’d had a boy or girl, and she did not say a word,” the mother told Russian Channel One.

“I asked again, no reply at all.

“On the third time, she shouted back that it was a girl.”

Documents given to the mother and held at the hospital also said the child was female. This included the baby’s “medical passport”.

Some Russian hospitals still operate a system inherited from Soviet times where there is minimal contact between the mother and child after birth even when the baby and mother – as in this case – are healthy.