Hottest British September For A DECADE As Temperatures Rocket To 32C

The UK is set to enjoy a scorching week of weather, with temperatures expected to hit 32C on Tuesday.britgIt will be the hottest September Britain has seen in a decade, as warm air from Spain comes to the UK. Temperatures are set to peak today and the hot conditions will continue throughout the week, with Wednesday being close to 30C in parts.

Martin Bowles, a Met Office forecaster, said: “Hot air is arriving and Tuesday is forecast 30C in London and East Anglia, with a small chance of 32C somewhere. Wednesday has potential for the same sort of temperatures, around 30C, with a possible thundery breakdown.”

Ladbrokes have cut the odds on temperatures reaching 34C to 4/1 next week. Spokeswoman Jessica Bridge said: “September’s sizzling weather is melting the odds.”

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “This is the summer that keeps on giving. Very warm air is being pulled up from southern Europe. It will become very warm or hot again, but mid-week sees an increasing risk of heavy and thundery showers.”