Hurricanes Maria and Jose heading for the UK and set to bring devastating storms

Remnants of the intense hurricanes could merge as they pass over the Atlantic which may lead to powerful storms lashing the UK.

Hurricanes Maria and Jose could combine to create powerful thunderstorms to blitz the UK.

Remnants of the intense weather systems, that have left a trail of destruction in the Caribbean, could merge as they pass over the Atlantic to create a battering ram of storms to lash Britain.

Forecasters warned one possible outcome of hurricane movements over the next few days could determine whether any remains make it way towards the UK, with Scotland believed to be most at risk.

Leon Brown, chief forecaster of The Weather Channel said Maria is expected to swing north-eastwards during midweek, while Jose, which has been stationary in the Atlantic for some days, will start to move north past Newfoundland.

The two systems could then combine before being picked up by the jet stream and steered out into the Atlantic as a deep depression heading towards the UK and northern Europe.