Internet Sensation Policewoman Dies From Tuberculosis After Thug Spits In Her Face

A tragic policewoman has died after contracting tuberculosis after a thug spat in her face as she arrested him.1copArina Koltsova was arresting a man during New Year’s Day celebrations in Kiev, Ukraine, this year when he turned towards her and spat into her face.

Unbeknown to the 35-year-old officer, the suspect had tuberculosis and the policewoman continued working for many weeks before suddenly collapsing while on duty.

Ms Koltsova, who became an online sensation in her home country due to a series of glamorous social media photos, was later diagnosed with tuberculosis and was immediately sent for treatment. Tragically, however, the policewoman died on 25th July from the infection.  It is not yet known whether the man who spat on her will face charges.