ISIS Supporters Celebrate Parsons Green Tube Attack Boasting Bigger Attack On The Way

ISIS supporters celebrating the Parsons Green Tube terror attack have chillingly bragged the ‘bucket bomb’ was a ‘trial run’ for a bigger attack that will “rock London”. Messages exchanged this morning between ISIS supporting members in Syria, Iraq and throughout Europe praise the attacker who left the bomb on the London Underground tube which injured at least 18 people – and declare that there is more to come.

They begin by exchanging messages like: “Allahuakbar! May Allah accept him. Ameen” – which means “Praise to God!” They also mock Londoners before being “paranoid that even exploding balloons make them crazy and panic” – launching that “they think it’s a bomb!”

Using icons that illustrate planes flying towards buildings and flames – and emojis crying with laughter – they exchange images of the ‘bucket bomb’ which security sources believe was intended to do much more damage than transpired. They are also sharing photographs of some of the people who were hurt in the attack – and their injuries – with such captions as: “Flash burns and fear.” Most chillingly, one of the members of the group claims: “If it exploded for sure it will rock London.” Another replies: “Next time Bro. This was a trial run.”