Jobless Mum-Of-Five On £19k A Year In Benefits Claims She Struggles To Buy School Uniform

A jobless mum-of-five who claims more than £19,000 a year in benefits says she still struggles to buy her children school uniforms.1kidsEmma Lawlor, 27, became pregnant when she was 17 and now has five kids – aged one to eight – by two different men. She has never worked and now receives a total of £19,200 a year in different forms of state support.

Emma appeared on Channel 5’s On Benefits: Breadline Brummies and claims she was treated “totally unfairly.” Emma, who lives in a three-bedroom council house in Wolverhampton, West Mids., said: “I am not doing anything illegal or wrong. I’m entitled to every penny I get.

“I have to look after my kids. I love them all and I have to treat them. It’s stressful looking after five kids on my own. I do buy a few takeaways for them because sometimes I just can’t face cooking and yes I do smoke but I can’t cope otherwise.”

Emma currently receives £70-a-week in child benefits, £270-a-week in child tax credit, and £240-a-month in income support, totalling £1,600-a-month. Emma, who is mum to Reece, eight; Skye, six; Kadee-Maye, five; Kenzie, three and Tori, one, has claimed she also receives no financial help from her ex-partners.   But despite being unable to afford £100 on new school uniforms for her five children, Emma spends £20-per-week on cigarettes.