Jockey Falls, Is Knocked Out, Has Nose Broken – Then Is Run Over By AMBULANCE!

A jockey from Northern Ireland is recovering after having his leg run over by an ambulance in Italy following a fall in a race at the Merano track on Sunday.jockeyCounty Down man Chris Meehan, 22, suffered a broken nose after being knocked out in the fall but worse was to follow when the ambulance arrived. Meeham told the BBC: “[The Starter] put me in the recovery position, with my right leg out straight.

“Because it’s such a small tight track, they had to turn around and as they went to turn the ambulance, it reversed on top of my leg. After I left a roar out of me, everybody realised that the ambulance was on top of me and they all jumped up and pushed it off me.”

Ironically, Meehan’s father is an ambulance driver trainer while several other members of his family have also worked for the service. “My father in Northern Ireland has been in the ambulance service for 30 years and he wasn’t too happy at the sound of what went on.”

In addition, Meehan suffered a gash along his jaw which required 27 stitches while the injuries to his right leg also include a dislocated ankle. The Northern Irishman faces at least two months on the sidelines following Sunday’s incident.