Katie Hopkins Tear-Gassed At Calais Refugee Camp

Katie Hopkins claims she was tear-gassed during her visit to the Calais Jungle refugee camp.hopkinsA year after comparing refugees to cockroaches and suggesting the use of gunships to stop refugees reaching Europe’s shores after thousands died trying to cross the Med, the controversial columnist visited the camp where at least 9,000 adults and children are now living in dire conditions.

Dozens more are arriving each day and aid workers are struggling to provide the most basic living essentials. The French interior minister has announced plans to completely dismantle the camp within months amid growing concerns over conditions and security.

In an article for the Mail Online, Hopkins describes how she came to the Jungle “looking for good”, but claims she was tear-gassed and her photographer was “beaten and robbed” by a “mob”.

“There is no option to tough out tear gas,” she said after. “I just tried and I failed miserably. I think sometimes that I’m tougher than I am. It really knocks you back.”