Leaked Photo Of Cheryl From Liam’s Family Wedding Has EVERYONE Talking

Over the weekend, a dressed-down Cheryl and Liam attended the wedding of his sister, Ruth. The event had a strict no-pictures, no-social media policy, but a few sneak-peaks have now begun to emerge – and scores of fans have spotted something!

And while pregnancy speculation has swirled before, it seems that one particular leaked image has sent fans into an online baby rumour overdrive as they are convinced Cheryl is sporting a baby-bump.

Wearing a loose grey tunic, there seems to be the tiniest hint of pregnancy in the just-unveiled snaps. However, another more telling image shows the slim 32-year-old shielding her stomach with her clutch bag while Liam places a protective hand on her back.cheryl2Understandably, today there has been no official word from either camp in relation to the leaked photos or the resulting rumour, but it’s clear that there are plenty of fans out there would LOVE to see the gorgeous pair start at family at some stage.