Loose Women Host In Tears As She Quits Show Live On Air

One of the hosts┬ábroke down in tears as she announced she was leaving ITV’s Loose Women after 14 years on the show.1sherriBenidorm actress Sherrie Hewson prompted emotional response from her fellow panellists when she made the announcement. “Loose Women is in my DNA,” Hewson, 65, said. “I have a thing that goes right through my body that says Loose Women, like a rock in Blackpool, and so it will never, ever leave me.”

She added: “On my seat, I’ve told everything. I’ve said everything…. I’ve told as much as I’m sure you will want to hear. So I’m going to be leaving Loose Women because it’s kind of time… I’ve said everything there is.

“I’m leaving this seat so somebody else now can sit on this seat for 14 years and tell all their stories.” But, she added, “like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, ‘I’ll be back’.”

Hewson said that she would “never forget” the support she had received from her co-presenters, helping her through the collapse of her marriage, bankruptcy and a period of stress which caused her hair to fall out. Hewson’s last day on the show will be September 5.