Lowest-Paid CBB Housemate REVEALED After Size Of Tiny Pay Cheque Reported

Some CBB housemate fees have been revealed – with some surprising details.bearStephen Bear is Celebrity Big Brother’s lowest paid housemate. According to reports, despite being the star of the series, he will be taking home just £12,000.

While the lump sum is pretty modest for four weeks’ work, it could be seen as embarrassing when compared with the amount celebs like Christopher Biggins are walking away with. The disgraced 67-year-old, who was booted off the show for causing widespread offence, pocketed a deal worth a staggering £150,000.

Although some would be miffed by the shocking pay gap, Bear apparently isn’t too bothered as he is more focused on the long-term success he’s convinced Celebrity Big Brother will bring. “He knew he would be one of the stars of the show and really pushed for a bumper pay cheque but the producers wouldn’t budge,” a source told The Sun.

“[Bear] had hoped he would be able to cash in with big bucks magazine deals with his girlfriend after leaving the house, having split with his manager and signed to the same management team as Lillie to make it happen. But now that he has cheated on her with Chloe Khan he will have to work hard to build the relationship back up again.”