WATCH: Man Orders Strippers For Own FUNERAL – Coffin Lapdance Horrifies Grieving Relatives

One man got a slightly disturbing send-off at his funeral after a squad of bikini-clad strippers showed up and gyrated against his coffin – SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO.

The women left very little to the imagination as they performed an energetic dance routine to Maroon 5 hit Moves Like Jagger while wearing knee-high leather boots. One of the women even seductively draped her body over the coffin in front of the dead man’s relatives.

As the strippers performed their co-ordinated routine a picture of the deceased was illuminated in the background with colourful lighting. After performing to three upbeat songs the coffin of the man – named only as Mr Jian – was taken away for a more solemn ceremony.

Strippers are invited to perform at funerals in China and Taiwan to attract more mourners – with the size of the funeral being seen as a status symbol. Chinese authorities are clamping down on the bizarre trend and are hoping to stamp it out entirely.