Mark Wright And Danny Dyer Have EXPLOSIVE Violent Bust-Up At V Festival

A feud between Mark Wright and Danny Dyer has been brewing all week after it emerged on Twitter that Mark had slapped Danny following a charity football match.dyerNow, the pair have come to blows again – this time at V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex.  Witnesses report that Danny and Mark screamed at one another in an alleyway, backstage at the festival, following Justin Bieber’s set.

“Danny saw Mark and started shouting, ‘Mark Wright you c*nt! Mark Wright you tw*t,'” an eyewitness said. “It was all kicking off. Mark was pushed against a wall and was shouting back at him – shouting ‘shut your f*cking face’. One of Mark’s friends managed to break things up after punches were thrown and they took Mark away into the Mahiki VIP area.”

Danny was then seen leading away a brown haired woman in floods of tears. Looking shell shocked, Danny spoke to on site security staff who then organised a 4×4 car to come and collect him.

“Danny’s been left with a black eye,” an insider said. “He’s fine, of course, but it’s not nice for his family to see.”