Midwife Killed On First Night Of Holiday With Fiancé In Freak Accident

A tragic midwife was killed in a freak accident on the first night of a dream Thai holiday with her fiance, an inquest heard.tukruNiamh Corrigan, 29, hit her head on the mountainous road after being flung from the back of a tuk tuk following a night out with her Scottish partner Peter Fortuna. The hearing was told how he tried to grab her but his reactions were too slow.

Mr Fortuna battled to resuscitate her before an ambulance arrived, but medics were unable to save her. The tuk tuk had been travelling at no more than 25mph when the tragedy happened, the inquest was told.

The couple had only arrived in Phuket for a friend’s Christmas wedding earlier that day and got in the tuk tuk to take them back to their hotel after an evening meal, but it was while on a steep, twisty and bumpy road that Ms Corrigan tried to manoeuvre in the vehicle and was thrown out the back, hitting her head on the road, the inquest heard.

The driver called an ambulance while Mr Fortuna tried to resuscitate her with the help of an American medic who was passing on the road. The ambulance took 40 minutes to arrive, but was ill equipped to treat Miss Corrigan and took her to a nearby medical centre. She was moved to a hospital in Phuket two-and-a-half hours later where she was pronounced dead.