Millions Of Holidaymakers Face Travel Nightmare – Ash Cloud Warning As Volcano Set To Erupt

Airports across Britain could face chaos if a volcano named after an ugly troll explodes.volcanoIceland’s Met Office warned this week that the volcano Katla is on the verge of erupting. Scientists’ equipment registered a four-fold increase in tremors and an eruption could send a choking veil of ash towards the UK from Icelandic wind.

Flights in the British Isles could face disruption with pilots peering to see through the all-enveloping curtain of volcanic dust. There are fears we could be in for a repeat of the travel chaos when 2010 Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted when around 100,000 flights across the UK were cancelled.

Iceland’s Met Office say ‘earthquake activity’ at the ice-covered volcano has increased meaning that Katla may be about to ‘blow’ and send a gigantic cloud of ash hundreds of miles into the air.

Boiling-hot ash from the volcano’s 1,600 degree Fahrenheit lava could melt in aircraft engines and block turbines, it is feared and blue skies would be turned dusty grey, affecting millions of asthma sufferers.