Monster Heatwave Set To Scorch Britain With Sizzling Summer Lasting To September

As Britain cools down in the aftermath of the blazing scorcher experts warn the next “monster heatwave” is just around the corner.1hsamThermometers are poised to rocket towards the 35C (95F) mark within the next two weeks with blistering temperatures holding out until SEPTEMBER.

Although it will feel fresher over the next few days, long-range forecasts suggest August is gearing up to deliver multiple bursts of intense hot weather. Experts put the chaotic summer so far down to the erratic nature of the jet stream which is currently positioned directly over the UK.

Thermometers are poised to rocket back into the mid 30Cs at the start of next month as another surge of heat sweeps up from the Continent. Weathermen say the next sizzler will be longer and possibly hotter than last week’s heatwave which saw the mercury push past the 33C (91F) mark.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said summer still has the potential to break temperature records with “potent” blasts of heat likely through August. He said: “The potential for hot weather will start developing around early August and there is great potential for a monster heatwave … we could see temperatures climbing to the mid 30’s once again, and on numerous occasions.”