“Multiple Victims” In Texas Shootings – At Least One Dead

Police say there are multiple victims after separate shootings in downtown Austin, Texas.1texasLocal reports say a woman in her 30s has been killed but that has not been confirmed. At least one of the shootings is understood to have happened outside Friends bar on East 6th Street as people were heading home in the early hours.

“Active shooter incident downtown, multiple victims. Stay away from downtown,” Austin police said on Twitter at about 3am this morning. About half an hour later, police said there had been “separate shootings within the same area” but that both scenes had been secured.

Witness Dorian Santiago told Sky News people were leaving bars to go home when the shootings happened. “We heard five shots and then people started running crazy … We don’t hear any more shots …The cops were running behind someone.

“There was a girl freaking out who was injured … The other one was already on the floor – they were doing CPR to help her but it looked like she was already dead.”