Mum Forced To Transport Her Dead Baby Daughter Back Home In Car Seat

A devastated mum has described her agony at being forced to bring her new-born baby home in a car seat after she died.awareJazmine Sands Sheehan and her partner Kevin were handed a letter by hospital staff explaining the tragic circumstances of their baby daughter’s death for police in case they were stopped on the way home.  Isabella died just six days after she was born after suffering a fatal heart condition.

Isabella’s condition quickly deteriorated, and medics moved the young family from Kerry to a Dublin hospital for specialist care. Jazmine said: “She was diagnosed with a serious heart defect. The doctors in Dublin even consulted with doctors at Great Ormond Street in London.

“But the London doctors were amazed that Isabella had even been born alive given the condition of her poor heart. On the Thursday morning we were taken into a private room and told that there was nothing could be done for Isabella … we were going to lose her; her poor heart was too badly deformed.

“We never, in our worst moment, ever thought we would be bringing our little girl home dead and strapped into a baby seat in our car. I don’t want any other mother or father to go through what we have.”  The young mum has now launched a campaign to make sure all pregnant women receive special screening for possible infant heart abnormalities during the later stage of their pregnancy.