Mum Kills Her 17-Month-Old Daughter By Feeding Her A Teaspoon Of SALT

A woman is accused of killing her 17-month-old daughter by feeding her a teaspoon of SALT.1saltKimberly Martines, 23, from South Carolina in the US has been charged with homicide by child abuse for allegedly causing her infant’s death by salt poisoning. She was arrested and charged with felony child abuse in the death of little Peyton – who is reported to have suffered acute intoxication of salt.

The sick infant was rushed to the hospital on Sunday – where she was put on life support – but later died on Wednesday, according to an indictment obtained by PEOPLE magazine. Medical staff are reported to have alerted authorities of the amount of salt in Peyton’s system.

Further investigations allegedly revealed that Martines had fed Peyton ‘a teaspoon of salt’. The indictment states that Martines told authorities she had rushed her baby to hospital after being woken by her crying.

She is reported to have claimed Peyton was ‘hot’ – and appeared to be ‘having seizures’. Martines claims she called EMS immediately. Peyton’s pediatrician was concerned with her slow weight gain and developmental delays. ┬áHer other two children have been taken into care.