Mum Of Three Demands Bigger Council House Because Kids Don’t Want To Share Room

A mum has demanded a bigger council house because her daughters don’t want to share with their brother.1jouse7Gemma Ryan, 32, wants a three-bedroomed house so her adolescent daughters can have their own room. Girls Natasha, 13, and Hannah, 12, currently sleep in a bunk bed less than two feet away from their four-year-old brother Nathan, in South Oxhey, Hertfordshire.

And the mum-of-three, who is expecting her fourth child in April, believes she should be a priority for a new home as hers is ‘too small.’ She said: “My daughters are also going through puberty – it’s unfair that they have to get changed in the bathroom and don’t feel comfortable in their own bedroom.”

Gemma’s eldest daughter recently tried moving out to live with her grandmother in Wembley, north west London, but this made getting to school too difficult. She added: “Not only is this affecting my health, it’s affecting my relationship with my daughters. I feel like I’m constantly shouting at them for doing things that other girls their age are doing – they want to go to bed at 9pm but can’t because they know it will wake up their little brother. My daughter wants to move out again. It’s horrible.”

The council said there was a shortage of affordable housing with applicants in ‘high need’ having to wait for long periods before being rehoused