Mum finds naked and unconscious man under her daughter’s bed

A mum found a naked and unconscious man under her young daughter’s bed in the middle of night says her children are now too scared to go to sleep, a court heard.

Jack Heathcote, 18, of Darley Dale, was found in the family home in Matlock, Derbyshire, where he was unconscious in a child’s bedroom, beneath the bed.

Heathcote remembers drinking around 10 pints of lager that night, but couldn’t give any explanation about why a pair of wet jeans were found in the home or how he came to be under the bed.

The mum has said her eldest daughter was left in tears and one of her daughters is now too frightened to go to bed, the Derby Telegraph reports.

John Cooper, prosecuting, told Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court how the woman, who lives with her husband and two daughters, went to bed after seeing to the cat and thought the external door to the kitchen was locked.

He said she was woken by a clattering noise and thought it was one of her girls but it was pitch black and she picked out a figure of someone sitting on the end of the bed.

Mr Cooper said the victim saw the figure moving from the room and she went to her eldest daughter’s room – where she found a naked man unconscious under the bed.

She alerted police and a pair of wet jeans, trainers and socks were found in the kitchen and a gate at the side of the house had suffered damage.

Mr Cooper said the woman had been left very distressed and her eldest daughter had been left in tears.

She told the court she has been having flashbacks and is uneasy about being left alone at home.