Mum Whose Boyfriend Died In Shoreham Air Disaster Before Baby Born: “Like He’s Been Reborn”

It will be years before Georgina Brown can explain to her newborn son why he will never get the chance to meet his father Daniele Polito.fireBut Georgina said: “It’s like Daniele has been reborn.” Jaxson’s father was one of the 11 men who lost their lives in the Shoreham Air Show disaster, a year ago to the day tomorrow. But Daniele, 23, died not knowing his girlfriend was even pregnant.

He was in a car travelling along the busy A27 in West Sussex, close to the airfield, when a 1955 Hunter Hawker plane crashed down. The aircraft, piloted by Andy Hill, 52, ploughed into the carriageway during a loop-the-loop stunt, hit several vehicles and exploded in a fireball. As well as the dead, 16 people were badly injured.

Georgina, 17, says: “Jaxson was born on May 22, nine months to the day after his dad died. “It was like a small light coming out of something so awful. It has been as though Daniele was growing again inside of me that whole time.”

Daniele and Georgina’s romance would be short-lived, as Daniele was cruelly taken away just three weeks after it started. On that fateful day he had been working, but Georgina heard the news on his death on the news that evening. She says: “Daniele was happy, carefree, cheeky and happy go lucky. That’s the example I want for Jaxson. If he can be like anyone, I want him to be like his dad.”