Mum With 12 Children Wants 13th For Benefits To Fund A Boob Job

Cheryl Prudham has 12 children and is looking for a sperm donor so she can fall pregnant for a thirteenth time.benefitThe catch is, the only reason she wants baby number 13 is to nab more benefits money to fund a boob job.

She appeared on Tuesday’s This Morning to chat about her jaw-dropping decision and revealed that she recently divorced her husband and that she wanted a sperm donor because she wasn’t interested in having a relationship.

Cheryl has eight daughters and four sons and admits that she relies on benefits to fund her lifestyle. She said: “Obviously, I do rely on benefits.” The mother works only 16 hours a week so she can avoid the benefit cap and receives over £40,000 a year in benefits.

Cheryl admitted that she would use her benefits money for a boob job and had also spent the money on expensive handbags and lavish holidays: “I don’t make up the rules at the end of the day. I’ve got nothing to be sorry for.”