Mum Woken By Screams As Four-Month-Old Baby Discovered Dead In Pushchair By His Sister

A mum was woken by her screaming daughter to find her four-month-old son dead in his pushchair, an inquest has heard. A post mortem has failed to establish a cause of Ethan Kingswood’s death but a pathologist said it could be down to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Ethan had been placed in his pram by his mum Katie on November 19, 2014, after he was sick in his moses basket at about 9pm. The mum told the Coroner’s Court she’d planned to move her son back to the moses basket after she cleaned up the mess, but was distracted by her daughter and forgot. Katie was then woken by her daughter screaming and phoned an ambulance.

Emergency services were called to their home in Wrangle, Lincolnshire, but were unable to resuscitate the child. Dr Roger Malcomson, a pathologist, said: “In a child of this age it could be Sudden Infant Death. Given Ethan’s history and the fact he was in a restrictive sleeping device that is recognised for its risk factor for SID. He was a premature baby which also increases the risk.”