New Evidence About What Really Happened To Lord Lucan Comes To Light

A new theory about the fate of Lord Lucan has come to light.1lordlThe debt-ridden peer murdered his children’s nanny and attempted to kill his wife before being flown to a safe-haven by his gambling circle. However, it is claimed that after that Lord Lucan was killed by his aristocrat friends and buried in Switzerland.

The 7th Earl of Lucan’s associates, known as the Clermont Set, had sympathy with him due to his “difficult marriage”. But they became spooked when Lucan kept trying to make contact with his children.

Novelist Peter James claims this tight-knit group, which congregated in Mayfair, Central London, at the exclusive Clermont Club owned by millionaire John Aspinall , had him killed for fear they would all go to jail if their involvement was revealed.

This account, claims Mr James, is based on testimony from someone “close to Lucan’s circle of friends”. Mr James claims that Lucan’s repeated desire to contact his children led to panic amount his friends who: “thought they were done for. They had him bumped off in Switzerland, Mafia-style, and the body buried.”