New Terror At Alton Towers – Thrillseekers Left Trapped 50ft In Air

Thrillseekers were stuck on spinning rollercoaster ride at Alton Towers for nearly an hour after it came to a sudden halt.1altonRiders were stranded on the 56ft tall Spinball Whizzer after it was shut down due to the actions of one of the park’s visitors. The adrenalin junkies were strapped into four-seat cars that spin 360 degrees while racing around a 1,540ft track.

According to Alton Towers the dizzying ride is designed to make thrillseekers feel like a pinball being catapulted at speeds of up to 60km/h (37mph). A photographer said six riders were stuck on the rollercoaster and rescued by staff.

An Alton Towers spokesperson said: “The Spinball Whizzer was temporarily stopped due to guest action. This was a procedural stop and nobody was at risk at any time. Guests were removed from the ride in line with our safety policy, and the ride restarted 45 minutes later.”

Opened in 2004, the Spinball Whizzer – formerly known as Sonic Spinball – is located in the Adventure Land section of the theme park in Staffordshire.