Paige Doherty murderer battered in Dumfries prison


Killer John Leatham was battered by a rapist two days after switching jails over fears lags were plotting his murder.

Leathem, 32, caged for slaying Paige Doherty, 15, suffered face wounds as James Gellately pounded.

Serial rapist Gellately rained blows on Leathem’s head and face as he tucked into his tea, a jail report revealed.

Two guards leapt in and dragged raging Gellately away.

The beast, 29, was sent to solitary and later transfered to another nick.

An insider revealed the brutal assault happened shortly after deli murderer Leathem, 32, arrived at Dumfries prison last year.

They said: “When Leathem came down to Dumfries in November he was put into the general population.

“Things were said about him and his offence in the company of other prisoners, including Gellately.

“Word got back to Leat­hem who then approached Gellately and words were exchanged. Gellately said to him he wasn’t some little girl he could terrorise and Leathem said he didn’t know what he was talking about — that’s what lit the fuse.

“Gellately then assaulted him and left him with nasty bruising to the side of his face.