Parents’ Fury: £1 Charge To See School Nativity To Fund Books For Non-English Speaking Pupils

1nativA headteacher has written to parents after receiving “mixed feedback” from them over a move to sell £1 tickets to watch the school nativity play.  St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Worcester caters for 318 pupils aged between four and 11, 43.5% of whom speak English as a second language.

Louise Bury, headteacher of, said that revenue will go towards learning materials, especially for parents and children who do not have English as their first language. But she added she was “extremely concerned” over the conduct of some parents towards staff following the move which she said was “verbal abuse”.

Parents complained about the move including one, who remained anonymous, who told Worcester News parents the only evening performance was quickly sold out causing disappointment to children. The parent added: “Parents are also expected to provide costumes for their child to wear for the play, despite possibly not being able to watch them.”