Perverted Health Worker Tried To Groom Six-Year-Old Girl With Sweets And A Black Dress

A pervert was jailed after bringing gifts and sweets to a meeting with ‘a six-year-old girl’ – who turned out to be an undercover police officer.perveCarlton Loo, 47, sent a string of text messages to an undercover police officer arranging to abuse her non-existent daughter. Maidstone Crown Court heard how Loo, from Ramsgate, Kent, started chatting to a woman on the internet not realising she was an undercover police officer.

The mental health worker tried to encourage the woman to let him abuse her daughter, telling her: “All I want to do is meet someone with a family like you. I hope you are not a scam. I would like to visit. I would like to have a regular thing. Would you join in? You sound very cute and petite.”

Loo graphically stated what he wanted to do with the young girl but said she was too young for full sexual intercourse. He arranged the meeting at a coffee shop in Crowborough, East Sussex in February, where he was arrested. ┬áProsecuting, Mr David Brock said: “He said he had brought gifts for the children and was very excited. When his car was searched, a girl’s black dress and sweets were found.