Police Called To Toys R Us Car Park After Shoppers Spot Baby Alone Inside Car

Police were called to a Toys R Us car park after shoppers spotted a baby alone inside a car while parents shopped inside for new bikes. The baby, believed to be around three-months-old, was reportedly covered with a blanket while the parents were in the shop.

Police confirmed the baby was unharmed and said “advice” had been issued to the child’s parents. A horrified woman shared details of the incident, which took place on Tuesday, on Facebook after she witnessed it in Paisley Street, Liverpool, claiming all the car windows and doors were shut and car seat had a blanket draped over it.

Toys R Us staff made a security announcement over the store’s PA system to try and locate the owners of the vehicle but were unable to gain a response from shoppers in the store, the poster claimed. However, the woman said the baby’s parents were eventually found as they browsed for new bikes from the toy retailer and had returned to the car by the time police arrived.