Poor Gazza Hits New Low As He EXPOSES HIMSELF On The Hunt For More Alcohol

There are new concerns for football legend and icon Paul Gascoigne after he was spotted slurring and stumbling out of a cab drunk in only his dressing gown.

The former England football hero had been on a daylight shopping trip in just his gown, buying gin, cigarettes and painkillers before returning to his flat.  Stepping out the cab, his gown fell open revealing he was naked underneath.

One on-looker commented on the public appearance from the ex-Newcastle United and Spurs star, saying: “It was a sad public indignity for Gazza. We are all worried for him.”  The former international footballer, who many describe as “the most naturally gifted English midfielder ever”, had to ring the neighbour’s door bell to gain entry to his flat in Dorset after he had forgotten his key.1gazThis news comes a week after he was taken to hospital after the emergency services were called to his home three days in a row. The 49-year-old was taken to hospital barefoot by paramedics after sustaining a cut on his forehead.