Popular Teacher Hangs Herself After Boyfriend Ended Two-Year Relationship

A teacher hanged herself after being dumped by her boyfriend, an inquest has heard.1teachThe family of Katie Humpage, 32, also detailed how they tragically discovered her body at her Walsall home in the West Midlands on July 26. Black Country Coroner Zafar Saddique today recorded a verdict of a suicide over the death of the popular teacher.

Ms Humpage taught English at South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy, where she met her partner Joe Clarke. The inquest at Black Country Coroners Court heard Ms Humpage initially took a overdose in June after Mr Clarke broke up with her after two years together.

Katie was offered support by the mental health unit at Walsall Manor Hospital after but she declined the help, saying she did not want to die. The inquest was told that by July she seemed to be getting over the break-up before taking another bad turn.

Katie’s stepfather Lee Horney told the inquest he grew concerned when he called her but received no answer. “I was worried so I went to her house,” he said. “I had my own key. Her house was in darkness. I eventually gained entry and went upstairs, which is where I found Katie lying on the bed. I called the ambulance and was about to perform CPR. But the paramedics arrived and she had already passed away.”