Reason For Deadly Colombian Plane Crash That Killed Football Team REVEALED

Seventy-one people died when the aircraft crashed in a mountainous area in Colombia, including most of the Chapecoense football team and 20 Brazilian journalists on board.  The pilot radioed that he was running out of fuel and needed to make an emergency landing, according to the co-pilot of another plane in the area.

There were six survivors – three players, two crew members and a journalist.  Goalkeeper Jackson Follman, has undergone surgery to have his right leg amputated, defender Helio Neto is being treated in intensive care after suffering severe trauma to his skull, thorax and lungs, while fellow defender, Alan Ruschel, has undergone spinal surgery.

The British Aerospace 146 came down as it approached Colombia’s second-largest city, Medellin on Monday. One local resident said the aircraft appeared to have lost power. Nancy Munoz said: “It came over my house, but there was no noise, the engine must have gone.”  A Colombian military source earlier told the AFP news agency that the plane may have run out of fuel. The source said: “It is very suspicious that despite the impact there was no explosion. That reinforces the theory of the lack of fuel.”