Residents Use Cars To Stop Travellers From Parking On Green In Their Cul-De-Sac

A group of neighbours have used their cars to circle a green over fears travellers may want to move on to the land. The desperate locals swung into action on Sunday afternoon when a group of people towing caravans were seen pulling off the man road and into their estate.

Residents of one cul-de-sac – Stavordale Grove in the Hengrove area of Bristol – jumped into their cars to protect the patch of grass from a potential influx of new neighbours. A resident, who asked to be named as Kirsty, said many people were celebrating a child’s birthday when the alert went out. She described what happened as a display of “community spirit”.

She said: “A group of them with their huge caravans descended upon our small cul-de-sac. However we were all out there celebrating a child’s birthday and told them where to go. The residents parked on the green to stop them. Now we are staying parked there in fear they may return.”