Scary Clowns Lurking Outside Schools Leave Children “Terrified” As Craze Sweeps Britain

Angry parents claim children were left ‘terrified’ and ‘in floods of tears’ by clowns reportedly scaring pupils outside schools.1clownA sinister social media group called Bury Clown Attack named five high schools it claimed would be targeted as part of a bizarre craze strongly condemned by police . The Instagram group warns ‘we’re coming’.

One angry mum said two youngsters dressed as clowns in Bury, Greater Manchester, left her daughter terrified as she arrived for classes. She said they were stood outside her daughter’s school shouting and scaring other children.

The woman posted on Facebook: “Two of them stood outside my daughter’s school just now, scaring them. They were shouting horrible things to the kids. These are school children that they are doing it to. I wish someone would give them a scare.” The mum said police were called and the clowns ran off.

Another mum said her daughter was left ‘in floods of tears’ after seeing the clowns. She had to be walked the rest of the way to school then picked up at the end of the day. The mum wrote on Facebook: “It’s just awful. I am soooooo angry. Xx.” There are also reports of a man in a clown mask driving a car pulling up to children and scaring them in the Park Road area of Stretford, Manchester, on Thursday night.