School Cancels Trip To The Beach For Its Pupils – For This Bizarre Reason

Certain fears have caused a school trip to the beach to be cancelled.jerseyMore than 200 pupils were supposed to have a day by the sea in July but the trip was scrapped over concerns on the dangers of the midday sunshine.  The annual beach day has been cancelled until further notice for St George’s Preparatory School in Jersey, after figures emerged that the dangers of skin cancer on the island are high, almost twice as many new cases of malignant melanoma a year, now ahead the previous worst destination for skin cancer, New Zealand.

Headmaster Colin Moore said the school would be organising “a less exposed alternative event”, the Daily Mail reported. He said: “In recognition of the Jersey Health department’s advice regarding the dangers of the midday sun, it is with considerable regret that I have decided to cancel our annual day on the beach in July.  We are busy trying to organise a less exposed alternative event but believe whatever we do the children’s health must take priority.” He added there is a “big difference between taking your family to the beach and 210 or 220 children”.

The average Jersey temperature in July is 14 to 20 degrees centigrade, compared to the UK’s 11 to 19 degrees centigrade. Mr Moore said the school trip may be brought back in the future if there is adequate shading available.