Schoolboy Trampled By Terrified Commuters In Parsons Green Attack – Left Crying For Brother

A schoolboy has described the horror of being trampled in a stampede trying to escape the Parsons Green attack, which injured at least 30 people. Alex Ojeda-Sierra, who is just 13, stumbled and fell as commuters attempted to flee the Tube train after the rush hour bombing in west London.

Terrified passengers ran across his head, chest and stomach as he lay trapped on a stairway, crying for his older brother Robert. “One man fell on me and my legs bent backwards, and my right ankle got twisted,” Alex said. “I started screaming that I had no air.”

Alex had been on his way to school in Fulham Broadway – the train’s next stop after Parsons Green – with his friends. Suddenly, at around 8.20am on Friday, a bomb in a white bucket created a huge fireball. It had failed to detonate, but the explosion was big enough to cause mass panic. Alex was left crying for his brother, 15-year-old Robert, who was nowhere to be seen. He didn’t realise that his brother had got off the train at East Putney to use the toilet.