Shameless Dad Uses His Little Girl As A Decoy – And Steals Mobile Phone From Shop

Shocking footage has captured the moment a depraved dad uses his little girl as a decoy to distract staff as he steals a mobile phone – SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO.1thiefThe appalling incident happened at Baseo electronics shop, in Southend, Essex. It was captured on the busy store’s CCTV camera and staff have now released the footage in a bid to trace the dad and another woman who enters the High Street shop with him.

The video shows the dad pick the little girl up and sit her on the counter. A red-haired woman, wearing blue jeans and a quilted jacket, then approaches the counter while the man kisses the girl on the cheek.

As the shop assistant turns away the man is seen ducking behind the girl and reaches behind the counter to grab the phone, before quickly putting it in his pocket. The thief, dressed in a grey polo shirt and blue jogging bottoms, escaped with a £150 Samsung phone.

Adam Keys, who runs the electrical shop’s social media account, said the incident was “despicable”. He said: “For two people to gang up like that is pretty horrible, but then to use your child as a human shield is really despicable.”