Single Mum Has A Go At Other Parents – For Going Out And Drinking

A single mother has had a pop at other mums in her position for going out drinking at weekends.zboozePaula Winchester reckons that parents of young children should never go out and says it is ‘disgraceful, half-hearted parenting’. She has a four-year-old daughter, Leah, and says she hasn’t been out for more than two years. She split up with Leah’s dad before she was born.

Paula, 30, said: ‘Everyone has different views on parenting but I really don’t think single parents do deserve a night off. I’ve only been out five times in the last four years, but I realised you’ve got to be in a fit state to look after your child.

‘When Leah is with her dad, I don’t see that as an opportunity to drink alcohol. It’s not ‘my time off’ because I need a break, it’s Leah’s time with her dad. It’s nice having an evening to myself but I’ll usually have an early night. I couldn’t be hungover and trying to look after Leah the next day.  I did it once or twice [two and a half years ago] but it wasn’t fair on her – I didn’t have the energy and it wasn’t safe. When parents are hungover, it’s self-inflicted and they lie on the sofa, putting DVD after DVD on, not cooking properly. It’s half-hearted parenting and I think it’s disgraceful.

‘Sometimes I’ll invite ten other mums to the park for a picnic and only two or three will say yes. But if they get invited out on a Saturday night, they all say yes and manage to find a babysitter and conjure up the money to go out. It’s a very selfish culture.’