“Someone’s Gonna DIE’: Strange EastEnders Scene Leaves Fans Anxious About Xmas Episode

1enddEastEnders fans were left on edge tonight. This evening, for the first time perhaps ever, the BBC soap concluded on a happy note.  Linda Carter brought a touch of Christmas magic to Albert Square by transforming it into a winter wonderland by decorating it with trees and colourful lights and the entire population of Walford appeared to step out and soak up the sight.

Then Linda and Mick’s little boy Ollie then took his first steps – a moment the couple feared would never happen.  However, the happy ending left those tuning in at home suspicious. Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Everything’s always so happy in eastenders during the lead up to Christmas but once Christmas Day hits u know someone’s gna die xxx.”

Another then posted: “That was an unusually happy episode, which means the Christmas drama is about to begin.. #eastenders.” Moments later, a different viewer commented: “#eastenders being all lovely and twee and happy . . . can only mean impending death and carnage.”