Spider Bite Leaves Woman In A&E – Sank Its Fangs Into Her Leg In Agonising Bite

Super-sized spiders are piling misery on arachnophobes – and it’s all because the eight-legged critters are on the pull.jo1A bug expert says spider season has started early, leading to scores of sightings. One Teesside woman has already been to hospital after an arachnid sank its fangs into her flesh.  With Britain in the midst of its annual spider siege, Dr Claire Rind explained why we are finding so many web-spinners in our homes. “The males are investigating to try and find a female partner,” said the Newcastle University expert.

“They are on the pull, and are thinking about the next generation with their minds focused on mating. Usually this happens a bit later in the year, around October time, but I’ve already seen some in my house this year.”

One person who did see one was 21-year-old Sophie Wright, who ended up in A&E after being bitten. “I was just sitting on a bench one night and I felt something bite my leg,” said Sophie, of Middlesbrough. “I looked down and it was a spider so I flicked it off.”

However the next day she had to go to James Cook Hospital after finding worrying red swelling on her leg following the painful bite: “I couldn’t tell you what it was but it was a nasty bite.”