Summer AT LAST – Heatwave For Britain As Spanish Plume Brings Six Weeks Of Sunshine

The summer of 2016 is finally about to start with a six week heatwave set to bring scorching sunshine to the whole of Britain.warm weatherTemperatures will soar towards the end of this week with highs of 25C (77F) forecast across swathes of Britain starting this week. And long-range forecasters say thermometers could top 30C (86F) by the middle of July with the scorching hot weather set to last until the end of August.

It will be a drastic change from the miserable conditions over the past few weeks which has seen Britain beset by dull skies and torrential downpours. However a northwards shift in the jet stream is now allowing high pressure to build from the Atlantic Azores islands pulling warm air up from Africa and the Continent.

Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, said Britain is about to sizzle in a major ‘Spanish Plume’. He said: “From Wednesday onwards we are now looking at a period of very warm and at times hot and dry weather with the possibility of heatwave conditions building.

“High pressure is building over northern England with winds coming from a southeasterly direction. This will allow for major Spanish pluming with African air heading into Spain, France and Britain.”