Summer Is Finally Here And The Hottest Day Of The Year Is On Its Way

Britain is set to bask in the hottest temperatures of the year so far as summer finally arrives this week.1sunAfter several false starts in recent months, the whole country is set to see glorious sunshine with the mercury tipping a scorching 91F (33C) on Tuesday. Temperatures posted on Sunday were up with the hottest of the year but are set to be outstripped on Monday and then again on Tuesday.

Southern areas are set for the best of it with Monday set to sneak into the 30Cs with the north only slightly cooler before the heat is really ramped up on Tuesday. If predictions proved correct, Scotland will see temperatures of 27C on Tuesday while the south east will revel in sunshine hotter than Los Angeles.

Malcolm Booth, chief executive of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, said sudden and extreme hot weather can be just as lethal as the cold. He urged Britons planning to get out and enjoy the sunshine not to forget to keep an eye on elderly friends and neighbours.

He said: “The unusually cool and wet summer can easily make us forget how dangerous a sudden hot spell can be for the elderly and others with health issues … We all need to check on our relatives, friends and neighbours to ensure they are coping.”