Supermarket GIVES AWAY All Its Stock Free – Shoppers Empty Shop In FOUR Minutes

A supermarket was cleared out in just FOUR MINUTES after it opened up to give away all its stock FOR NOTHING – in a ‘real-life’ version of Supermarket Sweep.1SHOPPHundreds of bargain hunters couldn’t believe their luck when they besieged the Netto supermarket discount store in Lincoln – after a Facebook post advertising the once-in-a-lifetime deal went viral.

Customers left clutching bags of oven chips and other frozen goodies after queues formed outside the shop at 10.30am today. The store had planned to stay open until noon – but punters armed with trolleys took just four minutes to ransack the shelves of remaining food.

One happy shopper, Darren Bonnington, 42, said: “There wasn’t much left by the time I got in, but I did manage to get some frozen chips. It was like supermarket sweep, everybody had trolleys and I expected Dale Winton to turn up at the end.”

The discount supermarket was one of 16 Netto stores to close across the UK after an announcement made by Sainsbury’s last month. The Nomad Trust was contacted by Netto to make sure the remaining stock didn’t go to waste.