Teen Removed Batteries From Clock Before Suicide So Parents Would Know When She Died

A teenager took her own life after removing batteries from a clock as a message to her parents so that they knew when she died, an inquest has been told. Leah Hook, 16, stayed at home over the Easter holidays while her family went for a bike ride. When they returned they found her hanged with a plastic alarm clock next to her body.

A coroner’s officer told an inquest in Gloucester: “Leah had taken a battery out of the clock so it stayed at 3.30pm. Her dad believed this was a message to tell them what time she had gone.” Her parents dialled 999 but despite the attempts of paramedics, the schoolgirl could not be revived. Leah’s father, Richard, told the inquest: “We were trying to go away for the Bank Holiday weekend.

“We were trying to get her to come along to Devon, but she really didn’t want to go away. With hindsight maybe she had been waiting for an opportunity.” When the family returned from their bike ride they found the teenager unresponsive, and began performing CPR while waiting for emergency services to arrive. An inquest heard that Leah had been stressed because of her mock GCSEs and was said to have become withdrawn from friends and family, saying she ‘couldn’t be bothered to do anything.”