Teenagers Take Half-Hour Joyride – On Blackpool Pleasure Beach Rollercoaster

Two teenagers took a 30 minute joyride on a Blackpool rollercoaster after scaling the locked gates of the amusement park at 4am.rollercoThe thrill-seekers’ ride of choice was the 82-year-old Blue Flyer, a wooden rollercoaster which can reach top speeds of 15mph at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

After being caught on CCTV using the children’s ride, the pair went into the T Cafe where they were found by security guards. Following the thrill-seeking joyride, a 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of burglary and will be dealt with by community resolution.

Lancashire Police are working to identify the other teenager. A spokesman for the Pleasure Beach said: “The intruders gained access over barriers and locked gates, and managed to enter a control-room of the Blue Flyer ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. They managed to operate the ride some time before security patrols discovered them at 4.50am.

From CCTV footage, we understand the intruders were at the ride for up to 30 minutes. During this time two youths can be seen on the ride. Following the break-in, the ride has been fully inspected and is operational and open to the public.”