Terrified commuters take cover on a packed Madrid tube after hearing gunshots

Madrid metro evacuated after ‘gunshots’ are heard and cops swarm underground station.

Two drunk South Americans have been linked to the incident on the packed tube, close to Las Ventas bullring.

Terrified commuters took cover on a packed tube after hearing gunshots they thought was the onset of a terror attack.

Passengers were pictured crouching on the floor of the stationary train, close to El Carmen Tube Station yesterday afternoon.

The underground tube was evacuated as it approached the station on Madrid’s Line 5, near Las Ventas bullring.

Cops confirmed the incident was not a terror attack, but said they had arrested two men.

Sources have linked the incident to a brawl between two drunk South Americans on the same tube.

One of the men reportedly fired a pistol.

Commuter David Rivas reported the incident on Twitter.

He said: “We are trapped in the Carmen tube stop. The driver says shots have been fired.

“Can anyone tell us what is going on? Police are in the tunnel.”

Local reports suggest one of two drunk men who were fighting in the underground train fired a pistol.

Madrid cops arrested two people, El Pais reports, after the brawling duo had to be pulled apart.